Samurai Last Exam for Windows 10


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Samurai Last Exam is a game of a catering. The task is to serving traditional Japanese delicacy that is sushi. This dish has several versions, such as those with crab, salmon, etc. What moments will be new customers who want to order a particular dish. With a certain amount of ingredients, select the correct. When we do come together in the sushi that the customer ordered. At the beginning of the selection is small so the task is simple. Over time, there are more and more components on the same type of cuisine options. To complete the plan, you must earn the right amount of money. But we can not improve their own skills (better memory, faster movements, etc..). The game has five levels. In addition, the title features forty plans. Samurai Last Exam is a fun game that will see the Japanese kitchen.  Minimum Requirements:  Processor: not specified  Memory: not specified  Graphics card: not available  Free hard disk space: not available  Sound Card: no data